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Big Law in Transformation


Jonathan Brayne, Allen & Overy

Jonathan Brayne, Allen & Overy partner and Chairman of the firm's Innovation Panel, talks about ways to innovate the business model of one of the most prestigious global law firms. Read the full interview here



Why business proximity is essential to lawyers' value contribution

July 2016

 Interview with Dominique Graz, Python Law Firm

Dominique Graz, former General Counsel of Firmenich Group and now Counsel with Python law firm. He explains why proximity to and understanding of customers' business is of utmost importance to provide valuable service as a lawyer. Read the full interview here.


Legal tech and trends on the legal market

June 2016

 Leo Staub, director ES-HSG

Leo Staub, Titular Professor at the University of St.Gallen and Director of the University's "Law & Management" division at its Executive School, talks about actual trends and the role of legal tech in the legal market and how this will impact the lawyers' business. Read the full interview here.



Impact of U.S. law on Swiss and European Companies

April 2016

Interview with Gabe Shawn Varges

Gabe Shawn Varges, Senior Partner at HCM International and Lecturer at the University of St. Gallen, talks about the increasing need for Swiss and other European professionals to better understand the U.S. legal system. Read the full interview here



The human factor with in-house lawyers

February 2016

 George Stansfield, Group General Counsel and Head of Group Human Resources of AXA

George Stansfield, Group General Counsel and Head of Group Human Resources of AXA, talks about the required skill set and the success factors of in-house counsel as well as about the challenges of outside counsel when transferring in-house. Read the full interview here 



How the role of general counsel differs from a law firm lawyer

December 2015


Interview with Paul Lippe, OnRamp Systems

Paul Lippe, CEO of OnRamp Systems, describes the lawyers' role and the difference between in-house and outside counsel, the relevance of the legal function to business and how a General Counsel can leave an innovation footprint. Read the full interview here


Why should anybody invest in a law firm or a legal services provider?

November 2015

 Interview with Mark A. Cohen, Legal Mosaic

Mark A. Cohen, CEO of Legal Mosaic, Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, co-founder of Clearspire, and, formerly, noted civil trial lawyer, talks about the changed delivery system for legal services, the difference between law firms and new legal services providers and why investing into them could be an interesting decision. Read the full interview here.




Do lawyers need to be innovative?

July 2015


Interview with Markus Hartung, Bucerius Law School

Markus Hartung, Director of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, talks about innovation, alternative service providers, and what this may imply for traditional law firms. Read the full interview here



Negotiation skills for lawyers and managers - mandatory but underdeveloped

June 2015

 Interview with Matthias Schranner, SNI

Matthias Schranner, President of SNI LLC in New York and noted author of books on negotiation, talks about negotiation skills in general and about differences in negotiating with lawyers and managers. Read the full interview here  



The concept of strategic legal risk management and the role of lawyers

March 2015

Peter Kurer, BLR, UBS

Peter Kurer, partner of private equity firm BLR and noted book author, formerly business lawyer in private practice as well as general counsel and chairman of UBS, talks about the management of legal risks in a global company, the role of the legal department and whether external counsel can provide assistance. Read the full interview here



The relationship between the ethics & compliance function and the legal department and why compliance is important to external counsel

Februrary 2015

 Interview with Leanne Geale, Leanne Geale, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Royal Dutch Shell plc

Leanne Geale, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer for Royal Dutch Shell plc, talks about the role of her function, future compliance challenges and related expectations and recommendations when talking to external counsels. Read the full interview here



General Counsel in Japan - about a different cultural legal environment

January 2015

 Mari Sako, SaÏd Business School, University of Oxford

Mari Sako, Said Business School, University of Oxford, is sharing recent insights about Japanese legal departments, law firms and the legal market as well as the differences to Western models. Read the full interview here



Siemens and compliance - Recovery from disaster and a bright future

December 2014


Interview with Klaus Moosmayer, Siemens AG

Klaus Moosmayer, Chief Compliance Officer of Siemens AG, shares some insights on his new role and the challenges of Compliance as well as leading a Compliance team. Read the full interview here.



LPOs - Rebels or the new kids on the block?

November 2014

 Interview with Karl Chapman, CEO Riverview Law


Karl Chapmann, CEO Riverview Law, offers great insights of an exciting new venture, both threat and opportunity for traditional law firms and their clients. Reading the interview is a must! Read the full interview here


Big Four law firms as alternative to Big Law?

October 2014

 Jvo Grundler, Ernst & Young

Jvo Grundler, Managing Partner of Legal Services at Ernst & Young Ltd, talks about the development of Big Four law firms, the difference to traditional commercial law firms, the work environment and career paths for lawyers, and he provides an outlook for the future. Read the full interview here



General Counsel as legal risk manager and changed career paths for women 

September 2014


Renata Jungo Brüngger, Daimler


Renata Jungo Brüngger, Head of Legal Department at Daimler AG, talks about the challenges she is facing in her daily work and in particular leadership related topics with a special gender focus such as equality, promotion and career planning for women. Read the full interview here


How quality and acting as trusted advisor leads to client satisfaction

August 2014 

Christopher Saul, Slaughter and May

Christopher Saul, Senior Partner at Slaughter and May, talks about the factors determining quality and driving client satisfaction when providing legal advice. He addresses the role of acting as trusted advisor, the challenge of recruiting associates and the reasons for preferring a net of "best friends". Read the full interview here




What the UK Legal Services Act 2007 may change

July 2014

John Flood, McCann FitzGerald Professor

John Flood, McCann FitzGerald Professor of International Law and Business, Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin, talks about the new UK Legal Services Act and its impacts, the opportunity to establish Alternative Business Structures (ABS) to expand business, the possibility of using the potentials of the capital markets and the new competitors of traditional law firms. Read the full interview here



Rupert Egerton-Smith

Challenges of change and how to develop and implement a strategy in a law firm

June 2014

Stephen MaysonChanges in the market for legal services, their impact on strategies for law firms and what it means for customer orientationMay 2014
Stephen DenyerWhat to consider with lateral hires and when opening a law firm office in a new marketApril 2014

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