U.S. Law-School-in-a-Week (LSIW-HSG)


 Time and cost

Improve your ability to deal with U.S. legal issues and with  lawyers, regulators, and business partners in the U.S.  If you don’t have the time to do an LLM or other longer course in the U.S., this unique program will allow you to get a time and cost effective introduction to key U.S. legal concepts, challenges, and terminology.

Effective learning

The course LSIW uses U.S. law school teaching methods, including the "Socratic" approach, practical written and oral exercices, group assignments, and "moot court" where students bring a case before a court of judges.

Increased confidence

You will feel more confident in dealing with U.S. counterparts and talking about U.S. legal and regulatory subjects.

Improved legal English

You will gain more fluency in key U.S. legal terminology and English legal writing. 


LSIW includes evening team and social events.

University Credits

The course amounts to 3 ECTS.