Executive Master Business Law for Managers

Executive Master in law for non-lawyers: Business Law for Managers (WRM-HSG) 


Entrepreneurial latitude is being curtailed increasingly strongly by a growing number of acts and ordinances at all levels. Entrepreneurs and managers are increasingly dependent on being able to identify their legal leeway. The risk of falling victim to a legal booby-trap is growing. Law, however, does not only mean risk. The scope of legal configurations also provides opportunities that must be made use of. It is no longer sufficient to leave the identification and integration of legal aspects to internal or external lawyers. Executives must themselves be in a position to recognise legal factors of influence on their activities and to make qualified decisions about whether the involvement of legal experts is necessary.

The executive education course in Business Law for Managers (WRM-HSG) is aimed at persons with executive responsibilities in a company. It is intended to sensitise them to the legal implications of entrepreneurial decisions. The course communicates knowledge with practical relevance in the major fields of Swiss and international business law. 

The programme is taught in German. Please see our German-language site for more information.