In-house executive education for managers

Laws set the ground rules for market competition and play a pivotal role in business success. To effectively steer their companies through market waters, managers must be aware of the legal aspects of their jobs. We can help with custom presentations, courses, seminars and management coaching. Our programmes address key issues in commercial law and are geared to each company's specific needs. They are designed to help reduce legal risks in the company and open up legal opportunities.


We work closely with the customer to tailor the curriculum to the company's specific needs and the special characteristics of the industry. We cover all subsets of commercial law, including tax, contract, corporate and competition law. Our curricula are not restricted to legal aspects, but can include management issues as well. For example, a module on sales or procurement management can be combined with material on contract, antitrust and tax law. Labour law problems can be discussed in conjunction with leadership topics. Or marketing issues can be examined from the point of view of trademark, patent, design and copyright law.

Target group

Employees and middle to senior managers without legal training as well as directors and officers. If requested by the customer, the class can encompass technical and administrative specialists, including legal professionals if required.


Interest in legal issues and overlaps between law and business. 

Course language

German or English (depending on the customer's preferences) 

Course duration

Depending on the customer's needs and preferences 

Course dates

Depending on the customer's needs and preferences. 


Depending on the customer's needs and preferences, the programme can be taught on the customer's premises, at the Holzweid Convention and Executive Campus at the University of St. Gallen, or at another mutually amenable location. 

Programme responsibility 

Prof. Dr. Leo Staub, Attorney-at-Law, Academic Director of the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG)

Susanne Caduff Keller, lic.iur., Lawyer, Head of the "Wirtschaftsrecht für Manager" Programme (WRM-HSG), Executive School of Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG)